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3D Flower Acrylic Wall Decor

3D Flower Acrylic Wall Decor

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3D Flower Design: This acrylic wall decor features a stunning 3D flower design, adding depth and visual interest to any space.
Large Size: With dimensions of 91.44 cm x 91.44 cm (36 inches x 36 inches), this wall decor makes a bold statement and becomes a focal point in any room.
High-Quality Acrylic Material: Made from high-quality acrylic, this wall decor is lightweight, durable, and resistant to breakage, ensuring long-lasting use.
Versatile Placement: The versatile design allows for placement in various settings, including living rooms, bedrooms, offices, and more, enhancing the aesthetic of any space.
Trendy and Modern: The 3D flower design adds a touch of contemporary elegance to any interior, complementing modern decor styles.
Easy to Clean: The smooth surface of the acrylic material can be easily wiped clean with a soft cloth, maintaining its pristine appearance.

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